Australian Forensics And Investigations

We are client-focused and are able to react to client’s requirements at very short notice. We specialise in finding data in a forensic manner and presenting this data in a clear and concise report that is easy to understand.

Our Services

Computer Forensics

We use industry best practices and specialist forensic products to collect evidence whilst maintaining evidentiary integrity.

Mobile Forensics

We are also able to reconstruct timelines, show geographic locations and build social graphs of social media contacts on certain handsets.

Criminal Defence

Our mobile forensic expertise help build timelines of the defendants movements based on the mobile data on their handsets or tablets.

Workplace Investigations

The level of workplace misconduct is proliferating and this is set to grow due to unprecedented access to computers, the internet and mobile phones.

Intellectual Property Theft

Establishing evidence to demonstrate copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets infringements and confidential information disclosure

Fraud Investigations

Fraud can have devastating consequences if not attended too and the authorities do not have the capacity to deal with all the corporate fraud.

Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is on the increase and internet access has made this easier. This can be performed by employees, management, partners or paid cyber hackers.

Social Media Investigations

The advent of the Internet has brought many bad side effects. Anonymity use on the internet has blossomed and this has emboldened people to commit acts they would not normally.

Video & Photo Forensics

Incidents involving photographs or films that require analysis for data information.

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